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These are products that I use personally in both my oil and pastel painting, both in the studio and out in the field. I've spent years fine-tuning my painting setups and my choices of materials that I use. These items provide consistent, surpassing results with my techniques.

In addition, I've listed some resources that I've found invaluable over the years in my own education. DVDs, books, online communities -- please look through these and consider them as tools for your own development. - Michael Chesley Johnson

Painting - Pastel

  • Wallis Sanded Pastel Paper. Consistent texture, paper that can take a lot of pastel.

Painting - Oil


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Recommended Reading List

Either of my books, Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel or Through a Painter's Brush: A Year on Campobello Island, has lots of useful information on outdoor painting. (Order from my website.)

Here is a list I've put together on Amazon.com that lists many of these books.

The "Bibles" of Outdoor Painting:

Solid Books on Painting, Plein air or Studio, Oil or Pastel:

More books: