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What They Say About Michael Chesley Johnson's Workshops

Michael has taught at workshop centers and for art groups such as the following: Acadia Workshop Center (ME); Sedona Arts Center (AZ); Old Forge Arts Center (NY); Sunbury Shores Art & Nature Centre (NB); Pastel Artists Canada (ON); New Hampshire Plein Air (NH); Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod (MA); York Art Association (ME): Springfield Area Pastelists (IL); Los Reyes Gallery (AZ); Bay River Art Guild (AL); Roswell Museum (NM); Hubbard Museum of the American West (NM); ArtCenter Traverse City (MI); Lawrence Academy (MA) and Cloudcroft Art Workshops (NM).

Loved the workshop. I think what I learned most is how much I don’t know. Plenty of tips and ideas to apply to challenges. Still waiting for spring here so I can actually take advantage of my new skills.

Thank you for a wonderful mentoring painting experience.  It was so much better than a workshop with a lot of students. I would definitely do this again.
- MP, DE

You were such supportive and informative teacher.  I really appreciate the time and attention you gave me.  I learned so much! 
- R.W., NY

"Thanks so much for the knowledge and confidence you gave me.  Prior to the workshop I never would have entered a juried show."
- Bill, Long Beach, NY

"(Our group) had its monthly meeting today, and it was unanimous that your workshop was the best. We all gave reviews of the demos and workshops at the (IAPS) convention and of your workshop for those that didn't attend. Yours was given the highest marks both by those that had had many other workshops and those like me who had only had a few."
- B.Z., Las Cruces, NM

"The workshop met my expectations and more. I have a high expectation of the person teaching such an intensive course. Michael passed with flying colors. I've had a lot of experience hiring, evaluating and developing faculty members as a college Dean."

"Great tips! Many 'ah-hah!' moments."

"Not having taken a course in 20 years, I was apprehensive, but I wanted to try something new. This was an exciting course!"

"Michael is always light-hearted and positive. You need that with new ideas."

"This was the best workshop I've ever attended."

"It was a long five days, but I am so happy I took this workshop. One goal will be to worry less about what someone else thinks of my painting and more about accomplishing new techniques."

"Michael is a great teacher and explain things very well. The class was very laid-back with a relaxing atmosphere, which enabled my learning."

"Both in critique and in the field you offered some really helpful advice that I know I can use."
- S.A., New Hampshire

"The demonstrations were excellent: very informative, forthright and all questions were answered in a very  respectful and honest way."
- S.K., New Hampshire

"The workshop was one of the best we have ever held."
- J.B., Massachusetts

"Michael is an excellent instructor, great flexibility and low-key attitude.  He really 'made' this workshop work for me."
- Student, Maine

"I gained much practical knowledge in pastel materials and techniques that I am putting to use. It was truly an immersion workshop."
- E.K., California

"Your way of talking through your decisions and thoughts as you paint is really a gift."
- C.H., New Hampshire

"We had nothing but praise from the student surveys submitted after completion of the class.  We are extremely pleased with Mr. Johnson's ability and care in his presentations."
-Suzanne S. Wilson, Executive Director, artcenter Traverse City, Michigan

"Michael's style of teaching.....his well-explained demos and technique....I found very helpful. He also did a good job of on-site instruction and help at our individual easels."
- K.E., Massachusetts

"Johnson's dual talents for painting and writing enable him to articulate the processes of pastel painting, and he enjoys working with students of all levels." 
- Sandy Suggit, Ruidoso News (New Mexico)

"He had a lot of good information for us, and it helped me to take 'permission' to paint another, yet scientific and successful way."
- L.B., Massachusetts

"You drew out wonderful work from [the students] in a short period of time, and they were clearly absorbed in what they were doing.  I liked your constructive but low-key critique also.  Very gentle and helpful."
- Ellen K. Moore, Curator of Education, The Roswell Museum and Art Center (New Mexico)

"I found Michael very easy to listen to and work with. He was interesting and informative, making the rounds in a timely fashion, and kind and thoughtful in his suggestions."
- E.T., Massachusetts

"Michael...really made this workshop work...because of [his] ...easy-going personality, patience, quiet presence, and tolerance."
- W.B., Massachusetts

"Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity you offered to our community.  There was a great energy in the room as people were busily applying what they had learned in the morning session.  Thanks again for your professional attitude and the great workshop you put on at the Hubbard!"
- Elizabeth Becker, Past Curator of Education, The Hubbard Museum of the American West (Ruidoso, New Mexico)